Red Cliff

Large Photo:The observation point on top of the cliff
Large Photo:Trail on the cliff
Large Photo:Red cliff from a sightseeing boat
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Nature and History

Standing between 50 and 200 m high, the Red Cliff (Sekiheki) stretches for approximately 1 km along the western coast of Chiburijima Island, the southernmost of the Oki Islands. Geologically speaking, the cliff is a cross-section view of a former volcano. The red color is thought to result from oxidation of iron contained in the lava, and the striped pattern is due to repeated eruptions. The dramatic Red Cliff is one of the most impressive coastal landscapes in the Oki Islands, and is the defining feature of the landscape of Chiburijima Island.


There are two ways to enjoy the Red Cliff and Chiburijima Island’s dramatic coastline. One is from the observation point located on top of the cliff, which overlooks wide sections of the coast and ocean. The other is close up from sea level, aboard one of the one-hour boat cruises that run from April through October.


To Kurii Port, it takes about 40 minutes from Yonago Airport to Shichirui Port by bus and about two hours from Shichirui Port by ferry. From Kurii Port, it takes about 25 minutes to Red Cliff by car.