Kagikake Toge Pass

Large Photo:Mt. Daisen's south wall from Kagikake Toge Pass
Large Photo:The Daisen Parkway through beech forests
Large Photo:Kidanizawa mountain stream
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Nature and History

Located about 900 m above sea level, Kagikake Toge Pass offers impressive views of Mt. Daisen’s southern flank. The view overlooks the mountain’s vast beech forest, and the contrast between the rocky surfaces and the foliage on the central and lower slopes is especially beautiful. The andesite rock that is typical of lava dome volcanoes like Mt. Daisen cracks quite easily, creating features like the long rock wall between the mountain’s north and south flanks. These features accentuate the mountain’s beauty, especially in the colorful autumn season.

The Daisen Parkway runs through Kagikake Toge Pass, offering great views of one of western Japan's largest beech forests. When autumn arrives, the beech and other deciduous trees turn rich shades of gold and red, contrasting sharply with the mountain’s rocky summit covered in freshly fallen snow.


Just a 5-minute drive from Kagikake Toge Pass is the tranquility of the Kidanizawa mountain stream. Visitors can stroll through a peaceful forest serenaded by the gurgle of running water and the songs of local birds. In winter, the surrounding area is a popular ski and snowshoeing destination.


Kagikake Toge Pass takes about 50 minutes to reach from Yonago Airport by car. Or it takes about 30 minutes from Yonago Airport to Yonago Station by bus or train and about 35 minutes from Yonago Station by car.