Akiya Coast

Large Photo:The coastline of Akiya
Large Photo:Sea animal in Akiya Coast
Large Photo:Red cliffs with the cobalt blue seawater
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Nature and History

Located in the northeast of Nakanoshima Island, the Akiya Coast boasts steep, red cliffs that create a beautiful contrast with the cobalt blue seawater. There are numerous islets and rock formations along the shore. Volcanic activities from around 2.8 million years ago created these dazzling red cliffs, which are composed of scoria, a porous volcanic rock, and other volcanic materials. The large rock with a heart-shaped hole located by the coast is a popular destination for couples. A nearby campsite allows visitors to watch leisurely as the ferries and hydrofoil cruise by.


The Akiya Coast offers a diverse menu of marine activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. There is a short, five-minute trail along the coast that offers a romantic stroll out to the rock with a heart-shaped hole. There is a campsite by the beach equipped with toilets and showers.


To Hishiura Port, it takes about 40 minutes from Yonago Airport to Shichirui Port by bus and about three hours and 10 minutes from Shichirui Port by ferry. From Hishiura Port, it takes about 20 minutes to Akiya Coast by car.