Masumizu Highland

Large Photo:Masumizu Highland ski resort
Large Photo:A view from the Highlands
Large Photo:the Highland in early summer
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Nature and History

The Masumizu Highland are located on the western side of Mt. Daisen. From this side the shape of the mountain resembles that of Mt. Fuji. For this reason, Mt. Daisen is also called Hoki Fuji—Hoki being the traditional name for western Tottori Prefecture. The Highlands are known for their beautiful views of the sun setting into the Sea of Japan. The region is also famous for its great variety of birds and insects. In particular, the Highlands boast a vast number of butterflies attracted by the many wildflowers. In Japanese, masu is a measuring cup, and mizu means water. The name “Masumizu” thus conjures up the image of an abundance of high-quality water throughout the year.


Visitors to the Masumizu Highland can trek, ski, hike the highlands by snowshoe or lift, or partake in a variety of other fun activities. The Yokotemichi, once a popular pilgrim route, leads through a highland beech forest. The path is lined with images of the bodhisattva Jizo, protector of travelers and children. During clear weather, a ride up on the lift affords breathtaking views that extend roughly 60 km out to sea, encompassing not only the Yumigahama and Shimane Peninsulas, but the Oki Islands as well. In the winter, skiers can pause on the slopes to look out over the Yonago cityscape and the Sea of Japan.


Masumizu Highland takes about 45 minutes to reach from Yonago Airport by car. Or it takes about 30 minutes from Yonago Airport to Yonago Station by bus or train and about 25 minutes from Yonago Station by car.