Natural Environment and Hiking Courses on Miyajima

Miyajima Nature Hiking Courses

Miyajima has been revered and protected as an "Island of Gods" since ancient times so the original natural environment peculiar to the Seto Inland Sea has been kept virtually intact. One section of forest area has been designated a Natural Monument of Japan because of its pristine condition and the coastal zone on the southern side of the island has been registered under the Ramsar Convention as a Wetland of International Importance. Miyajima is full of Nature's wonders including a wide assortment of oddly-shaped rock formations, boulders and eye-catching geological features, magnificent views of islands in the offing from Mt. Misen and a local history and culture that are intricately interwoven with the surrounding environment. A number of theme-based model courses have been designed for hiking amongst the natural beauty of Miyajima.


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